Consulting Service

Complete private consultation in your home, Legion, or any place you are comfortable with. All Consultations are carried out with complete privacy in mind. Consultation can be regarding your needs, your entitlement, Military history, and any previous history regarding claims from Veterans Affairs etc. If you need help call the Legion 604-946-4611, they in turn will give you the service officers phone number.


If you are a veteran from Canadian military, then registration is advised before help can be obtained from Veterans Affairs. The Registration process is as simple to start with as with one phone call to a Winnipeg number. Registration is required for all help from veterans Affairs regarding benefits, and benefit entitlement, and all general help from Veterans Affairs. The registration is through Winnipeg as this is The National Contact Center Network in Winnipeg. The Phone number for registration is 1-866-522-2122, please have your military discharge papers with you when you call as questions will be asked regarding your military service. After registration you should be contacted by the local veterans affairs closest to your residence. If help is unavailable through the Veterans Affairs office then contact your Legion branch to ask for a consultation with the Veterans Affairs officer. Help may be available through the Legion if you are a member in good standing etc.

Funeral Services

The Legion can in special circumstances, if a member of long standing, has deceased provide a full funeral service if the immediate family so requests. Prior consultation as soon as possible with the Legion is requested as to requirements. Service can comprise of one or more of the following; flags, military or civil strategically placed at the head and foot of the coffin, prayers and speeches, can be provided at the family’s request. Due to the fact that funeral services have to be conducted in a timely manner, not all above services might be available, due to Legion members having full time employment etc, therefore possibility of some service requirements being limited.

Last Post Fund

For help with unexpected bereavement expenses, or emergency help if not qualifying for Veterans Affairs or from help from the Legion, then Last Post can be contacted at 604-572-3242